Ignorance of law is never excused but law is never made public.
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Welcome to LexIndica

This website covers extensively the law and case studies on Rent Control, Arbitration, Documentation to Property etc. and other law subjects of academic interest and for the information of the General Public.


To create a qualitative website on Indian law -
  • That will create a clear and correct understanding on our law and legal system
  • That will be a good friend in need for many of our brotherhood
  • That is an opportunity for many bright students to demonstrate their talent and an opportunity for us to cultivate a proper understanding in their mind on our Constitution our legal system and law
  • That is a credible journal to candidates beginning Research for their Philosophical Doctorate.


Apart from being a source for disseminating information on Law, this site also offers query answering. Visitors are invited to post their queries through the link that is specifically provided and they will be answered in 48 hours. Queries and Opinion, which are found to be of general importance or relevance by the owner, may also be published. In such case the consent of the person seeking Opinion will be sought for publishing his name or other identity. Opinion sharing could be a better way to explain law.

Why this website

Our fraternities who are living miles away from our country and away from their family are troubled quite often without knowing what to do when they have to invest their hard earned money in properties in their native town or village. When they have to register marriages of their children in their hometown; when the tenant in their house at home town is refusing to pay rent or vacate and may such problems keep them worrying. In the present mordenised world, Internet has become the easy library for them and even to few fortunate resident Indians.

This web site is an attempt to bring the Indian laws as far as practicable in a common man's language in that media so that Law is made public to as many as are in need of it and can access it.



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